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August 7-10, 2019
Berkeley, California

Presented by Wayne Vitale
with invited guests

This will be a workshop in the true sense – an informal, hands-on training in the techniques and methods of gamelan tuning, focused on Balinese bronze instruments and tuning systems but relevant to other types of gamelan. While the goal is mostly practical, learning a skill, we will also hear presentations by guest experts on related topics such as acoustics, tuning systems, instrument design, and gamelan construction.

Scraping and finishing a jegogan key

Scraping and finishing a jegogan key

Who can join? 
Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and limited to 12 people. No specialized skills are required, but relevant interest is. If you have one of more of the following, you’re encouraged to join:

  • gamelan or other long-term musical experience;

  • interest in tuning systems, e.g. Western 12-tet or “alternative” tunings;

  • scientific and/or technical background in acoustics, physics, metalworking, etc.

Note that we will be using hand tools and machines (disc grinders).
These will be supplied, along with protective wear and safety instruction.