Vital Records is a recording label specializing in the music of Bali, and new music based on the Balinese tradition.

Founded in 1996, Vital Records is devoted to producing high quality digital recordings of a variety of gamelan ensembles and styles, from traditional to experimental. The highest standards are used in every recording project, from extended planning and discussion with the musicians, to careful choice of pieces and recording location, to extensively researched documentation, to first-class post-production. 

The liner-notes for all Vital Records recordings (available with purchase of the physical CDs) are based on interviews with the musicians, primary research in the field, and secondary sources, They are an important part of the documentation of these outstanding ensembles. 

Vital Records grew out of founder Wayne Vitale’s long immersion in Balinese music as a researcher, composer, and performer. The moment portable digital recorders became available in the early 1990s, he obtained one and left to Bali, spending three years documenting the island’s most brilliant gamelan orchestras. This was followed by other extended research stays, and his ongoing work as a composer and performer in the US with Gamelan Sekar Jaya and the Lightbulb Ensemble. Vital Records is the product of a lifelong passion.