Music of the Gamelan Gong Kebyar, vol. 1


Music of the Gamelan Gong Kebyar, vol. 1


Musicians of STSI Denpasar, Bali’s famed National Institute of the Arts, play a wide range of works in Bali’s most popular and dynamic musical style, kebyar. They are led by famed composer and teacher I Wayan Berata.

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Album Notes

Since its emergence in the early tewntieth century, the fiery kebyar style has become Bali’s predominant musical style. It has both absorbed and affected other, long-established styles, and continues to influence newer experimental work. The music of the gamelan gong kebyar is at once rich in orchestral color and melodic shape, intricately patterned in its elaborate systems of interlocking rhythmic parts, and kaleidoscopic in mood as it changes from the most dazzling outburst to a whisper of metallic shimmer – all made possible through the ensemble virtuosity of Bali’s many kebyar orchestras. This compact disc is the first comprehensive digital recording devoted exclusively to the musicians of STSI Denpasar, Bali’s famed National Institute of the Arts, playing seven pivotal works of the kebyar repertoire. The players, drawn from the senior faculty of this national academy, are among Bali’s finest, regarded at that time as a kind of musical all-star team. They are led by I Wayan Berata, widely respected as a master teacher and craftsman in his field. 

Performers: The gamelan ensemble of STSI Denpasar (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia—Bali’s National Institute of the Arts), under the artistic direction of I Wayan Berata. 

Recorded on the STSI campus, 1991-92.

Recording, mastering, production, and liner notes by Wayne Vitale.

©1996 Vital Records.